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The Dilemma in Narita 04.08.2012
Whale Meat, Anyone? 13.07.2012
Koya-san - The Henro's Final Resting Place 26.06.2012
Food Coma Under a Sky of Pink (HANAMI!) 24.06.2012
Back to Square One ( ゚▽゚)/ 21.06.2012
Pile Up the Okonomiyaki... and add an egg on top! 20.06.2012
Lasagna, Yo-Zakura, Leaving Carbon Footprint (literally) 17.06.2012
Crossing the FINISH LINE with personalized towels! 11.06.2012
Miracles Really Do Happen! 03.06.2012
Fine Dining: Cold Omurice with Kannon-sama 30.05.2012
Hitchhiking Henros d(^_^d) 15.05.2012
Hawaiian Nights... with a hint of seaweed! 08.05.2012
Goodbye Udon and HERROOOO RAMEN 03.05.2012
The Relaxed Henros - Seeing Life The Naruto Way 24.04.2012
Daishi-san's Gift - Ashram 15.04.2012
Entering the Country of Udon 10.04.2012
Henros Encounters Yanki 04.04.2012
Blasting Disney Songs in The Rural 31.03.2012
Feelin' Like a Hobo... I Mean Henro 29.03.2012
Pilgrims Move to Matsuyama 26.03.2012
Japan Welcomes Us! (First Stop - Tokyo) 26.03.2012
Things I've Learned So Far In Japan 24.03.2012
Packing/Planning (almost there) 19.03.2012
Introduction 18.03.2012